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Online Service

Online interior design services is a service in which we give interior solutions anywhere in India and overseas. It is a virtual online interior design service.

This option offers client access to the expertise of the designer at the comfort of your home / office saving you time and effort and still getting the best of interior design services. It is a perfect match for budget conscious clients and for those who have contractors to execute the project on site and only seek design direction – It could be that they want a complete service from scratch to finish of the project or want only furniture layouts made or just want a colour scheme or help on materials or 3d views for the project.

Please find the process below

1) Questionnaire : Complete the design questionnaire to establish your interior and budget requirements. This will let us know your style, preferences, space to design, area of the project and what you visualize for the space.

2) Survey : Share with us the builder’s layout shared with you or the layout you got in the agreement at time of purchase and email us the measurements and photographs of the home/ office to be designed. If you are in Mumbai we will send an expert to measure the space and get a first-hand view of the area to be designed, if out of station then there will a travel cost added for that.

3) Inspiration : If you are inspired by a design element do share with us the inspiration or link for us to know your taste better so that we can incorporate that in the design.

4) Design / Concept Development : Based on the details shared our professional team will create a design proposal which will include furniture layouts, colour palette , room elevations , material boards , 3d views and will make a complete presentation for you to understand the space that is designed specifically for you.

5) Design Execution Drawings : After stage 4 we will ask you if you are convinced and happy with the design and will then make GFC – good for construction drawings with all details required for execution that will include the material specification sheets , detail drawings for contractor –

6) Budgeting & Costing : We will get boqs made and get costing rom contractors and will share the costing with you for approval.

7) Finalizing Costing : On receiving cost if you need any advice from us of how to reduce cost we will help you value engineer it and with our experience will give you the advantage of getting the best finish in an economical price.

8) Sharing of Final Drawings for Execution as per Budget Approved : We will be make drawing in a such a way that you can just handover it to contractors and can get done exactly as per the 3d views prepared by us.

9) Supervision / Site Visit : If required we will visit site

10) E-mail : Finaly we email you the complete design package along with furniture layouts , detail drawings , material specifications / hardware specifications in detail instructions of how to implement design yourself.

As per your convenience and type of project we could take a complete project to do with process 1 to 10 or stop at stage 4.

We can help you also if you require only a furniture layout or only design for a single room or a 3d view of only a single space and at any point of you wish to extend service that is also possible.